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Online and E-Learning Training Courses

Quite simply, e-learning is web based electronic learning, which means using a computer to deliver part or all of a course, whether it’s in the comfort of a learner’s own home or at their place of work. E-Learning courses are structured learning packages that contain a series of information screens, video and audio content along with exercises and tests that ensure the learner understands the materials. Learner activity on courses is reportable so managers can monitor progress as and when required.

Benefits of E-learning

There are many benefits of using e-learning for both your business and customers, these include:

  • Secure access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Ability to control pace of learning – progress at the learner’s own speed
  • Automatic course bookmarking allows learners to take a break and return to the learning at the point they left off
  • Learners are in control of their own learning which increases motivation and engagement.
  • Engaging interactive multimedia learning experience
  • Ensures that content is fully understood through online assessments (using the Controlled Environment Assessment Tool CEAT™)
  • Up to date industry standard content
  • A consistent message is given to all learners
  • Certificate of Completion with every CPD course, including evidence of Knowledge Assessment (using the Controlled Environment Assessment Tool CEAT™)
  • TQUK Accredited Regulated Qualifications available